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Feb. 1st, 2012

- created particle effects for dream mode player/mammoth "deaths" and creature deaths in particle designer
- implemented those in the game
- added player death function (which just makes the player stand still for a few seconds and disable firing/movement and emit explosion particles; later i'll make the player temporarily disappear, i also need to later completely disable movement controls rather than just set speed = 0 each step)*
- added a creature death function, which destroys the creature, emits the particle effect, releases memory cells, and adds to the player 'score' (for those confused, dream mode plays more like a traditional arcade videogame, intentionally, as a contrast to the normal exploration mode of the game)*
- made memory cells gravitate towards the center of the camera if they are far enough from it
- made creatures be destroyed (without particles/score/memorycells) if they get 100 pixels below the bottom of the view (i'll also need to disable the ones too far above the view, but that's for later)
- tested the 'following' system i coded yesterday and as expected it's buggy and doesn't work well yet, so i'll need to improve that later (i have a designated day for it on the february schedule anyway)
- separated the dream scroll function, the dream step function, and so on to separate functions for organization purposes
- made dream mode init score to 0 on room entry
- made the game give the player a score text message (temporarily i'm just using the fade_message() function, similar to the messages i give about the controls to the player in the beginning of the game)
- made creature particles collide with the player differently than in room_game (where they pull the player)
- disabled map object collisions in dream mode (since the player is flying *above* the terrain, not hovering a little over it); i'll need to adjust shadow height as well later on
- made the game take you back to the normal game mode when your "lives" run out

hmm, i may have been a bit too conservative in my schedule; i did the work intended for today and most of the work intended for tomorrow and the next day as well. but all's the better if i get ahead of schedule (i'm sure bug-fixing will take up a lot of time in it later)