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Jan. 28th, 2012

- figured out why the changes i made yesterday were not working -- an infinite loop (caused by room creation code, which i didn't think to check)
- unfortunately my changes yesterday had further problems: it makes the level editor's saving and loading (including normal saving and loading) terribly buggy: creatures have an x/y scale of 0 (making them invisible, but there), and objects that were loaded when you entered the editor are not saved when you save it. unfortunately i can't really think of a way to bypass these problems because they're related to the engine itself. it may still be possible, but for now, due to all the problems this is causing, i'm going to make the room size not be editable; normal game rooms will always be 1600 by 1200, and dream rooms will always be 1600 by 16000. this is unfortunate but i don't want to spend weeks on a problem that may not even be solvable. i may attempt to change this again after the game is released (for future patches/updates/mods to the game) though.
- in the process of today's testing of the level editor i accidentally lost some level data (two areas) so i had to revert to the state those rooms were in in the last backup; i don't think too much has changed between then and now (perhaps nothing), so that may not be a big problem. i also made another backup