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Jan. 27th, 2012

- added the code so that face1 will only turn to face2 (a faded clone of face1) if the player successfully reached the top of the dream room, but haven't tested this yet
- started working on the code which would allow non-standard room sizes (i wanted to do this for a long time and figured now's a good time to add it) but came up against some logic problems (and GM's inflexibility) while attempting to implement it; it's partially implemented but the problem has to do with being unable to change room_width and room_height unless you leave and exit a room, and the way i have the save/load room system set up makes that difficult. i'm trying to figure out a workaround, but there's a lot to remember and it's easy to break everything here (i broke everything a couple times and had to revert to older code). but i do want this option because i feel that some rooms feel too small, particularly jewel's room