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Jan. 23rd, 2012

- decided i want to work on dream mode now (been delaying this part of the game for way too long, since it's a big challenge and would involve lots of changes). started working on dream mode infrastructure, starting with the 'faces':
- created duplicate sprite-copies of the faces, like i did with the comm towers
- made it so they have the face1 and face2 tags, respectively
- tested that if you run instance_destroy(); and then some code, that code will still actually happen (which is weird, but useful for what i want to do here)
- made it so the face1 tag moves the player to the same room the player is in, destroys itself, and replaces itself with a face2 duplicate at the same location, and shows a particle effect first (which probably won't be shown because of the instant transfer, but it's just to test if it's working)
- made it so face2 gradually builds up a similar particle effect, then transfers the player after a build-up time (the way i intend this to work is that faces, the first time you touch them, will transfer you to a dream mode room at the same location. after you return, you can still use them to transfer to that location if you wish, but you have to wait inside them for a while before it happens)
- made it so that face2's are faded (so that the player can move through them after their corresponding dream mode has been completed)
- gave the faded face2 a flashing effect
- created a blank 'dream mode' room, which is just the normal 'game' room right now (i'll need to do a lot of coding/changes before those are even working, may take a while)

next i'll need to make it send you to the dream room rather than the move room, and have a way to get back, and have a way to save dream rooms to file and edit them, and have the game not just totally break in dream rooms, and tons of other stuff. but i like that i'm working on a big part of the game again instead of a small part, it's fun


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Jan. 24th, 2012 12:58 pm (UTC)
"Dream room" is a lovely term.
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