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Jan. 22nd, 2012

- fixed a bug where, when moving between areas, the ambient volume option was not applied to the ambient volume sound group
- fixed and improved the appearance and movement stuff of the new 'sound icons', although i don't yet have the text perfectly centered
- made it so that when a creature emits a sound icon it first checks if there already is one for that creature laying on the map; if so it doesn't emit another one
- made it so that creatures emit sound icons at any distance, not just when the player was in "range" to hear the sound as was previously the case
- fixed a bug which caused the sound icon to not replace the player's old sound (it'd just replace the type of sound but not the sound effect itself)

there are still a few more minor cosmetic effects to do to the sound icon, but since it's functional and working and more or less looks like what i want it to look like, i'll count it as a task done for today