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Jan. 20th, 2012

- wanted to record trailer footage today. but it didn't record well, so i optimized my computer a little for better video recording of SD -- changed the computer temporarily to use a single monitor, uninstalled the anti-virus (which was eating up a lot of hard drive activity for some reason), cleared hard drive space, restarted the computer, turned off unnecessary programs, and so on; after making those changes it recorded much better
- recorded more footage for the teaser/trailers, but not all of the things i want to record yet. so far i've about 25gb of uncompressed recording of the game (which is probably only like half an hour of footage or so, will need to compress it and weed out the good stuff from the boring stuff later)
- fixed a bug where, when the frame rate is set to 30, particles are not drawn
- fixed a bug where, when the frame rate is set to 30, the text speed isn't compensated for delta time
- fixed a bug where the 'light' function caused lighted objects set next to lanterns to flicker on and off occasionally
- fixed a bug where the first function description would not appear (had to do with that particular array element being both 0 and the check to see if it exists being to check if it was not 0)