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Jan. 19th, 2012

- made spare 'findable' closer to the center of the map (but still mostly in the extremities of the map)
- changed the second loading sequence (the one with the rectangles) to make the squares start at the center and gradually spread out, and it also now has a 'loading' text in the bottom corner
- slightly improved the visual appearance of the seenu's projectiles/balls, and gave them a particle effect when collected
- made seenu (unicorn)'s particle trails (not color trail) a little more transparent
- made unicorn's avoidance behavior depend on difficulty level and distance from the center of the lake, instead of having it at a flat speed; this will make it easier to hit with the chain more of the time (it was too good at avoiding it)
- fixed a bug which made 3d sounds not play from the correct location when played from projectiles (which afaik only influences the seenu's projectiles, but it was a more general bug that i fixed)
- made seenu's collectable projectiles not insta-collect as soon as they appear if the player is near them; instead the player has to wait at least a second to collect them (to allow them to move away from the seenu)
- made unicorn non-particle trail length vary somewhat (just for aesthetic purposes, has no impact on play)
- tested all this and made some more adjustments to various things (such as the direction change rate, etc.)